Publication •  31/03/2021

Latest results show high yield potential for newest Pioneer maize variety

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Maize is a popular high-yielding crop but not the easiest crop to grow well in the UK. On-going advances in plant breeding are helping to overcome the limitations of UK conditions, an important part being the on-farm trials. Every year, the Pioneer Accurate Crop Testing System (PACTS®) trials test maize hybrids in a variety of growing conditions. This year’s trials show encouraging results for livestock forage and biogas production.

  •        The newest multi-purpose hybrid, P7948, gives exceptional yields for its maturity, suited to livestock and biogas production. It is suitable for favourable sites in the open and other sites when grown under film*.
  •        P7326 is attractive to those looking for good, early yields of high-quality silage, reaching 30% DM quickly. Fast out of the ground, it is very reliable and can be grown in most conditions, including colder locations. It’s a safer option if you’re farming in a marginal maize-growing area.
  •        P7034 is for farmers willing and able to try a variety offering benefits more commonly associated warmer conditions but bred specifically for cool, maritime conditions. It produces silage easier for rumen bacteria to degrade, making energy more available to livestock.

* sites are classified favourable or less favourable based the heat accumulation typically measured at that location.