Publication •  06/04/2021

Boost your maize yields with Optinyte

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Supplying enough nitrogen to maize is a seasonal issue for farmers. With maize requiring around half its nitrogen post-flowering, the challenge is meeting this late demand and ensuring enough nitrogen remains in the soil and available to the plant to maximise yield and quality.  

Optinyte – a nitrogen-stabilising product - tackles this problem by delaying the conversion of ammonium to nitrate, keeping more nitrogen in the soil for longer. As well as delivering an average yield increase of 10%, Optinyte also reduces nitrogen losses through leaching and greenhouse gases by up to 50%, delivering a clear environmental benefit.

Optinyte, formerly known as N-Lock, is ideal for use on maize and easy to apply. It can be applied through a crop sprayer and is compatible with many commonly-used crop protection products, including liquid fertilisers. It can also be mixed and applied with slurry.

If you haven’t considered using a nitrogen stabiliser for growing maize, now is the time to take action to gain the most from your maize this year.

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