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Greenor® is a micro-emulsion containing 58 g/litre (3.68% w/w) fluroxypyr as the 1-methyl heptyl ester (40 g/litre acid equivalent), 57 g/litre clopyralid (1.84% w/w) as the monoethanolamine salt (20 g/litre acid equivalent) and 238 g/litre MCPA (18.38% w/w) as the potassium salt (200 g/litre acid equivalent)
A selective post-emergence herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in managed amenity turf.

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About Greenor®


Grass, Managed Amenity Turf

Technical Specifications

Product Registration Number:
MAPP 15204

Active Ingredient:
fluroxypyr 58 g/L, clopyralid 57 g/L, MCPA 238 g/L

Pack Size:
5 litres

Dose Rate:
1 treatment per year
4 L/ha in 200-1000 L/ha water
hand held equipment  40ml/10L/100 m2

Spray Quality:
Medium as defined by BCPC

Category B


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