Grass is typically reseeded from mid-March onwards. Many grassland herbicide products stipulate that grass should be ’established’, i.e. over 12 months old at the time of treatment. The number of available herbicides for newly sown leys is limited, so Leystar® and Envy® are essential tools for use in newly established grassland. They both give broad-spectrum weed control and are very safe to grass.  It is more economical and effective to treat weeds when they are small, rather than wait for them to establish and treat when they are bigger.

Where significant dock populations were present at the time of reseeding, treating with Envy is a good idea, as this can be sprayed at a robust dose rate of 1.5litres/ha. It also works well at the start of the season when there are dramatic variations in day and night time temperatures. Where there is a wide range of weeds growing, including thistles, treating with Leystar would be better as this has a broader spectrum of activity. Both Envy and Leystar are very safe to grass but will kill clover. If having legumes in the mixture is important, spray out the weeds first and stitch clover back in after three months.